the first of its kind in the world: creating mice from two males in Japan

 Scientists in China announced that they have succeeded in creating small male mice from female mice.


The first of its kind in the world: creating mice from two males in Japan

For the first time in the world, Japanese scientists succeeded in creating seven mice from two male parents by producing eggs from male cells and fertilizing them with sperm from another male in the laboratory.

The researchers took eggs from one female mouse and a specific type of stem cell from another female and fertilized them using a technique known as gene editing.

"This is the first case of producing strong eggs from male cells," said Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi from Kyushu University (Fukuoka Prefecture), who led the research.

According to scientists, the mice produced in this way were healthy.

Some experts speculate that the technology could eventually pave the way for same-sex couples to have children together.

Mice born from two males have a lifespan of only 48 hours.

A great achievement.

Experts who conducted the study said it represents a major breakthrough in understanding mammalian biology.

The Japanese researchers used eight-week-old mice with an abnormal Y chromosome to create stem cells and manipulate the cells to copy the remaining X chromosome. Cells from females.

Katsuhiko Hayashi noted that the biggest trick was the cloning of the X chromosome and said that the process resulted in more than six healthy mice.

Katsuhiko Hayashi wants to replicate the same process with human cells. In an interview with The Guardian, Katsuhiko Hayashi said, “From a purely technical point of view, it will be possible in humans within ten years. I don’t know if replication will be possible.”

Nitzan Gonen also believes that this method is 'completely ineffective', as 99% of embryos do not survive.


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