reveal the secret of gray hair: What is the mystery of grey hair?

 For most people, gray hair is considered one of the distinguishing signs of aging, but researchers are now getting closer to understanding why some people appear more gray than others, especially since the recent gray hair color affects younger people as well.

grey hair

Aging, genetics, and stress are the three main factors traditionally cited by doctors and researchers as causes of gray hair.

For some people, aging may be one of the more obvious factors.

Today, a recent scientific study published in the journal Nature reveals a strong link between stem cell function and the appearance of gray hair.

According to the study, pigment stem cells in hair follicles may lose their vitality and ability to mature with age.

On the other hand, researchers concluded that premature graying of hair can be attributed to a person's psychological or genetic condition, or to the failure of melanoma stem cells to mature early.

Furthermore, hair color is determined by different pigment-producing cells called melanocytes that are found at the base of each hair.

One previous study has shown that stress and anxiety increase the appearance of gray hair. This is because the response of the human nervous system in situations such as sadness, depression, and anger is transmitted directly to the hair follicles, which secrete chemicals that affect the vitality of pigment stem cells, which subsequently negatively affects hair color.

In this regard, Dr. Ahmed Al-Khatib, an expert in cosmetic medicine and hair transplantation, said:

1. Gray hair is caused by a lack of melanin and can be genetic.

2. There is also premature graying, which can occur for immune, glandular, or nutritional reasons.

3. There are several forms of melanin formation, and its color varies between black, gray, and white depending on the form.

4. External factors are another cause of premature graying.

5. Ammonia is an alkali found in some hair products and should be avoided.


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