When do the effects of push-ups appear?

When do the effects of push-ups appear? Below are the answers and details.


When do the effects of push-ups appear? The most important information is as follows

When do the effects of push-ups appear?

Push-ups are one of the most popular exercises because they have a positive effect on the muscles in the middle part of the body and because you do not need weights to do this exercise, you do not need to go to the gym and you can do it anywhere.

When will I see the benefits of push-ups? it is not easy to answer this question.

When will the benefits of push-ups appear? The effectiveness of push-ups depends on several things:

1- Follow the correct method of exercise

To perform push-ups, keep your back straight or in a plank position and use your arms to lower your body.

This is why some people do 20 or more push-ups every day and get no benefit.

2- Number of repetitions

This is because 10 repetitions done the right way is better than dozens of repetitions done the wrong way.

It's best to start with a low number of repetitions, such as three rounds of 10, and gradually increase the number of repetitions.

effects of push-ups

3- Exercises that depend on the knees

Some beginners do exercises with their knees on the floor, not realizing that this position does not work the same push-up as a push-up.

Experts recommend that beginners need not go to the ground on their knees so that their knees are not on the floor to get the benefits, but rather do 10 repetitions of going to the maximum position they can do.

4- Push-ups can be done while standing

Push-ups can be done while standing and because you are pressing against the wall instead of the floor, they are more effective than push-ups performed on your knees, and you can achieve greater benefits in a shorter time.

5- Increase the number of repetitions over time

Many people complain that they do not improve when doing push-ups, especially if they do the same number of repetitions in the same technique for a long time.

6- Follow a diet

Push-ups combined with diet and a healthy diet can make a big difference in muscle growth, and without a healthy protein-based diet the effects of push-ups are not as obvious.

Although it is possible to experience the benefits of push-ups quickly, it is necessary to do them regularly and correctly to continue to see results, and it is generally not possible to determine when these exercises will start working.

Many benefits can be expected from performing push-ups:


  • The muscles of the upper body are greatly strengthened.

  • The upper body muscles are greatly strengthened and the middle body muscles and abdominal muscles are strengthened.
  • Push-ups help build strength in a short period.

  • It does not require a dedicated space and can be performed daily.

  • Different types of push-ups can be tried with varying results.

  • Push-ups help build endurance.

  • If push-ups are performed for a sufficient period, an improvement in body posture can be observed.

  • Push-ups are an exercise that beginners and first-time exercisers can do.

If you feel pain or hear unusual noises, stop exercising completely and seek medical advice immediately.


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